Talking Heads

Talking Heads


"Probably 80% of what we do is ' Talking Heads '. Below are a few samples of lighting techniques to create a great image."

Here I wanted to use the windows behind. I kept the lighting soft and motivated.

Because it was a slightly overcast day I did not need to treat the windows.

Robillard Hearing Center commercial. I try not to use the office lighting at all

I love my Rifa's they are a beautiful soft light. I used my leko to create fake window light.

On-camera with the US Ambassador and his wife. Not a lot of time to set up.

By just showing a hint of the window I can add fake daylight with my Leko.

A great way to do an outdoor interview with full sun is to use a silk overhead.

The silk really softens the light and then I just add a little kicker with a refector.

Another outdoor interview using an overhead silk and a reflector to bounce in daylight.

This was shot in Tanzania, Africa. I used two LED's one as key and the other as back.

I love windows and natural daylight. I try to make sure the lighting is motivated.

If the day is overcast I can get away with no window gels and see detail outside.

Here I blow out the windows which gives the scene a nice bright, airy feel. Strong key.

Using my LED 350 suction cupped to the windshield I can keep a constant light level.

Motivated lighting. Real window on left, fake window light on right. Strong kicker.

Another interview shot in Africa, using two LED's for key and fill and reflector for kicker.

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